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Professional Look and Feel

Custom written code

Step away from website builders and differentiate your business from its competition. All of our websites and applications are built from scratch.

Responsive Design

From desktop to mobile and tablets

Responsive design means that your site will look great on all screens, regardless of their width. Say goodbye to boring static webpages.

Functional and Efficient

Built with user experience in mind.

Websites and applications should be easy to use and navigate. We enable your customers to find the information they need while saving their precious time. No more mindless searching through cluttered content!

Our Tech Stack

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Python’s adaptability, open-source nature, and large community make it an ideal programming language for web development. The main elements key to this are its frameworks and libraries.

The entire back-end portion of our web applications are written in Python. We utilize the Flask framework and use libraries such as SQL-Alchemy, Flask-Login, WTForms, and Flask-Mail.

Flask is a microframework written in Python that encourages efficient full-stack application development. Flask is scalable, lightweight, and flexible.

We use it because it allows us to quickly create robust web-applications that scale. A web application will usually start out with a small userbase and focus. Flask's flexibility enables it to scale as web traffic increases and the scope of the application's functionality evolves.

Some popular applications that are built with Flask are Netflix, Reddit, AirBnb, and Patreon.

Every page of our websites/web applications are defined by their custom-written HTML file. HTML describes the content of a webpage semantically.

We follow standards set by the W3C and validate our markup to ensure cross-platform compatibility, accessibility, and adherence to best coding practices.

We use custom-written CSS to style the HTML pages. By implementing a unique stylesheet for each project we work on, we offer flexibility and freedom to create truly unique websites.

Have you seen any cool hover effects on an existing web page? Do you have an idea of your own? We will work with you to make sure your website's style matches your vision.

Javascript is used to add interactivity and animation to our web pages. Pop-up forms, SVG (vector image) modification, parallax effects, dynamic content/text, and file uploads are just a few examples of what javascript makes possible.

We utilize the GSAP 3 library which simplifies the creation of scroll based animations such as the ones you see on this page. Check out their site to see examples of just how powerful this library is.

Heroku is used to deploy and scale our web applications. Their service ensures performance and affordability, as you only pay for the computing power needed. They offer powerful addons such as Simple File Upload and Heroku Postgres, making management of your application's resources simple and convenient.

Development Process

These are the steps that you can expect upon hiring us to develop your businesses' website or application


In order to accurately represent your business's services, style, and vision, in the first step of development we focus on information gathering. In a videochat meeting, we will discuss the following:

  • What do you want your viewers/users to know?
  • What functionality would you like your website/application to have? Authentication, email notifications, interactive elements, registration and/or scheduling, and content management are some examples that can be built into your site.
  • Is there an existing website or application that you would like to mimic or borrow ideas from?
  • What images and/or videos can we use to capture the attention of your users?
  • What color(s) do you want to use for styling?

Once we finish defining the scope of the project, we will send you an estimate for the number of billable hours needed for completion.



Development of your website or application will begin as soon as you accept the estimate and pay a retainer. We will keep track of all billable hours and send them to you on a weekly basis. Depending on the scope of your project, we will split its development into a set number of sprints. A sprint is simply a set period of time in which we work on implementing a subset of your project's functionality.

After each sprint, we will meet with you to demonstrate our progress. This is to ensure that you are happy with the direction that it's going, and to give you the opportunity to make edits and/or let your ideas evolve!

You are the director of your project! We will use our experience and education to guide you, but our priority is for you to be happy with the finished product. The more feedback you give us, the better we can meet your business's needs.



Once your website/application is finished, you will need a domain name and host to deploy it. We recommend using DNSimple and Heroku. They pair well as DNSimple comes with intelligent features such as ALIAS records.

If you already own a domain we can easily help you transfer it to DNSimple for management. We will discuss options if you already have an existing hosting service.

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